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Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2 is Valve’s iconic class-based free-to-play first-person shooter that’s been described as “the most fun you can have online.” Choose from one of nine classes, each with unique weapons and personalities, split into RED and BLU teams, and engage in crazy combat with a bunch of your closest enemies.The characters in Team Fortress 2 are larger-than-life personalities who grant the game a sense of levity that makes it approachable for players of all skill levels.

Each character’s main weapon is unique to him and helps define his role on a team. Beyond the basic armament, there are hundreds of additional weapons, created by Valve and by individual users, which have a number of different effects and are balanced by various means. And, of course, there are hats. Many, many hats.

Team Fortress 2 has several different game modes, including control point, both with a single point that both teams fight over and multiple points that teams progress along in a line; capture the flag, where players attempt to return a briefcase full of enemy intelligence to their base; attack/defend, where one team tries to push a bomb into the other team’s base; as well as the PvE “Mann vs. Machine” mode, which pits players against wave after wave of robotic versions of their classes.Almost as entertaining as the game itself is Valve’s marketing for the game, which puts the characters’ personalities to the forefront in video shorts and online comic books.

They range from introductory videos, such as “Meet the Medic” (and other classes) to story-based films to comics that explore the backstory and history of the Team Fortress 2 game universe. Valve also runs special events around holidays such as Halloween or Christmas, with specially themed levels and items that players can obtain.

Should you play Team Fortress 2?

Team Fortress 2 runs on the Source Engine 2007, on which, in addition, such games as Black Mesa, Portal and others are built. The game became available in 2007, and in the early years it was distributed on a paid basis, but already in 2011 it became almost completely free. This made the game even more popular, since the main competitor, namely Overwatch, did not yet exist.

By the way, it was released in 2016, almost 10 years after the release of Team Fortress 2. In the same year, the Paladins game was released, which was released just a couple of months later. And all this time there was Team Fortress, which managed to gain a huge number of fans and an impressive online presence.

Valve’s free-to-play Team Fortress 2 (TF2) is now over a decade old, an eternity in terms of video game development, but TF2’s basic gameplay structure remains surprisingly relevant. Many modern PC games, and especially those of the team-based first-person shooter (FPS) genre, have since improved on TF2’s formula by streamlining gameplay and offering more impressive visuals, thus creating more compelling reasons to return match after match. Still, the shooter remains popular among those who can appreciate its retro charms.

TF2 is the famed multiplayer FPS first released by Valve in 2007. Its debut precedes that of Valve’s other, more-realistic multiplayer FPS, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), by five years. In addition to CS:GO, modern titles such as Overwatch, Rainbow Six Siege, and Valorant all owe at least some of their success to TF2. Team Fortress 2 still receives content updates and hosts new events, the latest being the Scream Fortress XII in-game event at the time of testing. This event introduced four new community maps, along with special cosmetic items and effects.

Getting Started With Team Fortress 2

As mentioned, TF2 is a free-to-play title. However, players have the option to upgrade to premium TF2 accounts by making any purchase in the game’s virtual shop. Premium users get 300 backpack slots for storing items (free accounts only get 50); access to all item types; and full crafting, trading, and gifting capabilities. Everything else is the same between the two account types. You can download the game via Steam for Windows, macOS, and Linux machines. As with many other Steam games, TF2 supports Steam Achievements and Steam Trading Cards.

The main menu’s icons use a blocky style that matches the game’s overall aesthetic, but the layout is a bit scattered. For example, the Find a Game option is all the way in the upper-right corner and doesn’t particularly stand out. The bottom bar is chock-full of generic icons, which just add to the clutter. It reminds me a bit of the CS:GO menu before it was streamlined.

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